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                                  Yida chemical co., ltd,
                              established in June, 1996, is a key high-tech enterprise of national torch-program. Located in Ligang town of Jiangyin city, nation-grade new material industrial zone, a developed and scenic port city along the Yangzi River, she is assessed as an image by Chinese Chemical Industry Association in tech-innovation.

                              Awarded as demonstrating enterprise for technic-innovation in Chemical Industry of China

                                  Our company mainly deals in ethylene glycol ether and propylene glycol ether series and their main derivatives.It is the largest and specialized base of glycol ethers in the country,and one of the fifty key growing-up private high-tech enterprises. Her saleroom in 2006 is about RMB320, 000,000.00, and the foreign exchange through export is about USD3110, 000.00.
                                  Since the company’s establishment, she insisted on generating a special company culture of Yida that is to follow the gloriously traditional concepts and step forward on an innovative route by combining the east and the west cultures. It is a park-liked modern chemical enterprise with a tenet of safe production as well as beautiful environment. All those concepts of being skilled, providing excellent service, seeking scientific innovation, optimizing company’s image, enriching the local people and beautifying the hometown show the tenets of the company that employees’ problems are priorities, Clients’ requirements are uppermost with which the company is trying her best to thrive Yida so much as China. The topmost pursue is to make the employees work enjoyably and willingly.
                                  Yida executes a system that the directorate is in dominating charge. She founds her excellent organization and modern management system so as to perfect her modern corporation system by adopting clear property right and distinct responsibilities. Thus, she is assessed for years as AAA-grade enterprise by Jiangsu Advanced Consultative ?Company in solvency and sincerity and win honorable titles for herself for she is clean and abstemious in the process of manufacturer, excellent in enterprise culture in Jiangsu Province, outstanding among high-tech private enterprises, park-liked unite with beautiful environment, key new high-tech enterprise of national Torch Program, park-liked working environment, honest in observing contract, creditable in cargo’s quality and measurement, high-tech, one of the most beautiful enterprise environment in Jiangyin, key new high-tech enterprise of national torch-program, national superior private petrol-chemistry enterprise, campus enterprise in tech-innovation of China chemical industry in 2006, first-rank case in enterprise culture of the nation in 2006, etc..
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