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                              Polyethylene glycol dimetyhl ether series

                                  Can be an assistant solvent in main acid gas(H2S,CO2,COS),helping to gassing,shaping,cling,and be antistatic.
                                  Can be assistant solvent in textile-dyeing trades and of special printing ink,offset point developer,printing material andprinting facilities' cleanser,industrial cleanser(without bittern in it's main prescription),daily cleanser,organic reaction,devolving activator,paint,de-paint and defoamer in printing trades,etc.
                              Specification Polyethylene glycol Dimethyl ether
                              Appearance Transparent liquid
                              Separate purity n≤3 ≤15
                              n=4~6 ≥70
                              n=7 ≤15
                              purity %Wt.
                              (as a whole)
                              Water, %Wt. ≤1.00
                              PH (8:2) 6~8
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