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                                  Polyethylene Glycol series products are used for drugs.The polyethyelne glycol with relative low molecule weight can be used as solvents、assistant solvents、o/w type emulsion and stabilizer,used formaking cement suspending agents、emulsion、injection etc,also used as water-soluble ointment matrix and suppository matrix,Solid waxy polyethylene glycol with relative high molecule weight used to enhancing viscosity and solid nature of low molecule weight liquid and compensating other medicine externally;poorly soluble drugs,this products can be used as carrier of solid dispersions so as toreach the purpose of solid dispersion.
                                  Liquid polyethyene glycol 200-600 can supply widely hydroscopicity selection,especially apply for plasticizers assistant agent of rubber,Preparation of surface-active agent、paint and ink、drugs、cosmetics、cleanser、paper making、textile、food additive、leather processing、oil extraction、timber processing、ceramics、agriculture、electroplating、materials of photography、adhesiver、package materials etc.
                                  PEG-200 can be used as medium of organic composition and thermal carrier of high requirements,humectant in daily chemical industry、lnorganic salt solubilizer、viscosity modifier;softener in textile industry、antistatic agent;wetting industry in paper making and pesticide industry.
                              Specification PEG-200
                              Molecule formula  HO(CH2CH2O)nH
                              Molecule weight 190~210
                              Appearance Viscous transparant liquid,nonimpurity
                              Water,%wt. ≤1.0
                              Hydroxyl, mgK OH/g. 510~625
                              PH 5.0~9.0

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