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                              Propylene glycol monomethyl ether series

                                  With similar physical and chemical character to that of ethyleng glycol ether and even lower toxicity,these products are environment protection-oriented solvents,which is used as solvent,dispersing agent and thinner in such trades as paint,ink,dyeing and printing,pesticide,cellulose and propynoic and ether etc.,and also used as anti-freeze,extractor,beneficiation regent,as well as raw material of organic synthesis.
                              Specification Propylene glycol Monomethyl ether(PM) Dipropylene glycol Monomethyl ether(DPM)
                              Molecule formula C4H10O2 C7H16O3
                              Molecule weight 90.12 148.20
                              Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Colorless transparent liquid
                              Purity, GC%Wt. ≥99.5 ≥95.0
                              ACIDITY, %Wt.
                              (as Acetic Acid)
                              ≤0.01 ≤0.01
                              Water, %Wt. ≤0.10 ≤0.10
                              Specific Gravity (20/20℃) 0.9232~0.9252 0.9510~0.9612
                              PM beta isomer(PM-2), %Wt. ≤0.5 --

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