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                              Group photo in

                              Precursor education
                              in Peking
                              Foundation ceremony of
                              the Party Branch

                              To be a furnace of noble moral, elegance sentiment and adamancy volition
                              The Party Branch in Yida’s and the board follow the priciple to carry out the political works and the policy guid line propagandism. The company conbines the Party’s top creed, the realization of communism and well-off society; Mr. Deng Xiaoping’s princile of trying everyone’s best to make a common wealthy with the principle of distribution according to work; the practice of “the Three representatives” with the tenet of “employees first while customers upmost, enriching the local people while beautifying the hometown”to encourage everybody to be a self-giving contributor but never let him suffer losses. Besides, the company greatly exerts the function of the Labour Union, conference of women representative and Communist Youth League to set position criterion for every person, carrying forward the ancestors while urging on the lower.
                                  The Party Branch in Yida pays great attention to the staffs’mentality education by the way of requesting the Party Members to exert pioneer exemplar functions. In 2001, the Party’s 80anniversary, the whole party members went to JiaXing in HuNan Province for studying, and took three actives into the Party, who have been the leaders of the company. In Apr.2005, the whole party menbers went to the Central Committee of the CCP Party school to debrief, undertaking the menatlity education of “The Two Necessities” and “The Long March” in the aim of instructing the party members and the youth staffs to keep struggling, modest and guarding against arrogance.On Jul.1st,2006, partial members and teachers of the Party School paid a visit to XiFeng Concentration Camp in GuiZhou and the site of an association in ZhunYi to learn the revolutionary predecessors’spirites of taking the bull by the horns, being valiant warrior and the great achievements of Mr. Mao when he led the Red Army in the Long March.
                                  The Party branch in the company takes the chance of its expanding convention on every Friday to disseminate “The Eight Honors and Disgraces” raised by Chairman Hu Jintao to the staffs. The company also sets up “Honest and Clean” column to commend the precursor story of those cardes and staffs in the company to instruct the staffs to succeed to the traditions, love the country, serve Yida, advocate the science, prudent and incorruptible, united and companionate, honest and keep faith, observe the chapter and discipline and the nobolity moral of keeping struggling.
                                  In the recent years, the Party Branch in Yida had taken in 11 fresh members, and more than 10 outstanding staffs had handed over the applications.

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