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                              Group photo in Zhuhai
                              building site
                              Mrs.Cai Xiangyang is
                              working earnestly

                              Mr.He Lujun is examining
                              and repairing the

                              To construct a talent-showing stage
                              The company frovides self-improving space for every staff, and each position is a stage for them to porform as much as they like. And, the company commends those staffs with achievements on the conferences or on the columns. As to those studied earnestly, worked with responsibility and made great contributions to the company, the board deputes them important tasks and increases their wags every year. As to those observe the chapter and discipline, duteous staffs, the board also increases their wages so as to embody their life value.
                                  The company provides stages for each staff according to their strong suit, and chooses
                              precursors,  Woman Pace-settersoutstanding League branch secretaryoutstanding party members and outstanding Communist Youth League members through public appraisal every year. In 2005, the company chose advanced individual like science and technology innovator, honesty and integrity staff, outstanding administration manager, director, quality control member, security guarder, devotee, environment protector, squad head, and excellent staff through public appraisal to set examples for the whole staffs. Besides, in 2006, the company awarded the 20 advanced individuals in the names of outstanding exploiter and contributor. In the company, we hold many kinds of gym activities every year and awards those winners accordingly.
                              Since the year 2001, we have held solocit articles activities in the title of I am working happily in Yida for continuously 6 years. It can be seeings, hearings, feelings in the style of prose, narration, poem,poesy and etc. to express the cares of leaders show to the staffs, the love between the staffs and the staffs’ confident to the future. We choose first prize, second prize and third prize through public appraisal, and award them accordingly. For many years, the staffs in the company emit articles on news papers and magazines like Jiangyin Daily, Jiangyin chamber of commerce, Wuxi Daily, Science-technology Innovation, Jiangsu Enterprise Management and People's Political Consultative Conference to introduce outstanding achievement of science-technology innovation and the style and features of the company’s staffs. In 2005, Yida was awarded as the winner on LiJiang Seven Stars Cup and the pace-setter units on Party Flag Flaunting in My Heart solocit articles activities . The staffs are constantly showing their elegant demeanours on the big stage created by Yida.

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