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                              Group photo on the
                               company’s 10 years
                              anniversary  tour in
                              Push-and –pull
                              Spring soiree on 2006

                              To construct a big harmonious family with mutual respect
                              Yida pursues a tenet “employees first while clients upmost, enriching the local people while beautifying the hometown”to construct a harmonious Yida. By the end of 2005, all the staffs have gotten the town-standard endowment insurance, medicare, employment injury insurance  and housing fund. Besides, the company greatly exerts the functions of the Labour Union, conference of women representative and Communist Youth League to take care of the staffs’ health, marriages and their family lives,and arrange physical examination for them every year as well, which means the leaders truly live up to congratulating those be pregnant, visiting those be sick and helping those in trouble. The Party Branch and the board of the company often help the Labour Union to relieve impediments and ease  worries for the injured or sick. Whenever the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, National Day and other traditional festivals, the leaders of the company always prepare glutinous rice dumplings, moon cakes, foods and drinks to fete those staffs coming from a long way, so as to create them kinship family warmth.
                                  The company takes the chance of holidays to hold salubrious amusements, and invites movie projectionist from Jiangyin to screem movies for the staffs every year. Besides, the company did organized the staffs to watch Liuhuan’s vocal concert, and invited American Rainbow Art Group to make  performace in Yida. On every Chinese Youth Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, there are always programs can be seen in varied forms with rich and colorful content created all by the staffs themselves, which won praise from the audiences. Each year, the leaders of the company organize tour visit for the staffs all over the country to enjoy the beautiful and  literae humaniores sights. In the year 2006, the staffs worked more than 10 years in Yida realize their dreams of leaving the country to visite Hangkong and Macao. In 2005, Yida was awarded as Mutually-care Enterprise “ the company cares about its staffs while the staffs also care about their company” together by the Head Labour Union  and Business Association of Jiangsu Province. Thus, Yida has constructed a
                              big harmonious family with mutual respect.

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