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                              ◆ In the year of 1999
                              We’ve got the certificate of ISO9002
                              Approved by the ministries and commissions of Jiangsu province: Six of Yida brand products have reached international advanced level, and Triethylene glycol monomethyl ether fills up the blank registration in China.


                              ◆ In the year of 2001
                              Cooperated with Nanjing Forest University to establish the unique domestically research center for technology and applications of glycol ethers.
                              Be in charge with the National Torch Program of Triethylene glycol monomethyl ether
                              Awarded for RMB1,000,000.00 for innovation by National Technology Bureau


                              ◆ In the year of 2002
                              Awarded as credit enterprise in qualities by Wuxi Government.
                              "Yida" brand was approved as Name Brand of Wuxi.


                              ◆ In the year of 2003
                              “Yida”was warded as “ Name Brand in Jiangsu”
                              Succeeded in doing the research of PMP, a key researching program in Jiangsu province, which enabled her to get RMB50, 000.00 as governmentally financial assistance.
                              Awarded as “high-tech enterprise” by the government of Jiangsu province.
                              Got the certificate of ISO9001-2000.
                              Got the certificate of ISO14001.
                              Got the certificate of OHSMS18001.

                              ◆ In the year of 2004
                              Awarded as “key high-tech enterprise of national torch program” by National Science and Technology Ministry.


                              ◆ In the year of 2005~2006
                              Awarded as “superior enterprise in well learning the CCP Policy” on the first round of “Seven Star Cup of Lijiang River”
                              Awarded for dedication as a national private science and technology enterprise
                              Awarded for setting examples of conceiving good enterprise culture for the nation
                              Passed the reexamine of OHSMS18001
                              Passed the reexamine of ISO14001
                              Passed the reexamine of ISO9001-2000
                              Awarded as “Name Brand in Jiangsu Province”
                              Awarded as one of the ten superior science and technology enterprises
                              Awarded as demonstrating enterprise in the aspect of honest and clean .
                              Awarded as super excellence researching institute of Jiangyin technology researching center of glycol ethers.
                              Awarded as “AAA grade enterprise” in strictly observing contracts and promises.
                                 “黨旗在心中”活動先進單位    全國民營科技奉獻獎     企業文化優秀案例獎
                                    職業健康安全管理體系認證證書       環境管理體系認證證書        質量管理體系認證證書
                              江蘇省著名商標無錫市十佳科技企業 廉政文化建設示范點
                              優秀科研開發機構 AAA級重合同守信用企業
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